Happy World Emoji Day from all of us at SmartCentres! To celebrate, we’ve created our own Penguin Emoji Sticker pack for iMessage and WhatsApp. Please follow these instructions to install these emojis as stickers on your iOS and/or Android device.

From your mobile device (iOS or Android):

  1. Click this link: http://getstickerpack.com/s/6931 and follow the steps presented on screen. Detailed below as steps 2-7.
  2. Tap “Open” in the window that appears. Ensure “Save my place in the app” is checked. The AppStore/Google Play will open.
  3. Download the “Sticker Maker Studio” App from the Apple AppStore or Google Play (no sign up required!)
  4. Open the “Sticker Maker Studio” App once it downloads
  5. The SmartCentres Penguin Stickers will appear. Tap “Add to My Library”
  6. Tap “Add to WhatsApp” and/or “Add to iMessage” (please note that “Add to iMessage” is only available for iOS devices).
  7. Enjoy the stickers! They can be found under the “Sticker” menu on Whatsapp and under iMessage apps in iMessage:


Where to find stickers in WhatsApp

Where to find stickers in WhatsApp


Where to find stickers in iMessage

Where to find stickers in iMessage


From your desktop:

Scan this QR code with the camera on your mobile device (iOS or Android) and follow the steps above!


Use without downloading an app:

Save each of the images below to your device (iOS, Android, Desktop) and send to friends as image attachments.

PenguinStickers_WinkTongue PenguinStickers_Wink PenguinStickers_ThumbsUp PenguinStickers_Smile PenguinStickers_Party PenguinStickers_HeartEyes PenguinStickers_Happy PenguinStickers_Funny PenguinStickers_Embarassed PenguinStickers_Cool

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